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"The South Cow Story"
I came up with the idea for South Cow while attending college in 2006 for a class project. The business concept was a huge entertainment/food establishment with loud live music, hot rod burnout competitions, outside bonfire seating etc. At the time I had a hot rod Chevy Nova, and I ran these back wood country roads as if I were in a dirt road race with AC/DC blasting from my speakers, (so it's in my blood). The business idea encompassed a deeply rooted country atmosphere with the exception that the music would be hard rock, and not country HaHa. The menu was beef-based with specialty~ stuffed burgers located on a beef farm owned by the company where we would process and market our own line of beef, charcoal, and merchandise all stamped with the cool South Cow logo. I drew up the Logo for South Cow and realized it was a realistic dream. I put a small copy of the logo in my billfold, and kept it on my person until 2020 when I finally breathed life into the Cow!. I Still Have it!    
When I started the process I was at the time, a corporate General manager. I decided I was going to play it safe, and slowly make my transition from employee to employer. I gathered the necessary permits, and equipment in order to use my nights and days off to set up at the bars on the square to sell beer brats. The weekend before I planned to go out "COVID' happened, shuttingvthe bars and also the town down! My mind immediately shifted into help mode! How were people going to eat? My wife, Laurie Mckinney, who had always been supportive of my dream, stepped up,and said, "If you're going to do something just, do I support you, and I believe in you!“So, I took all of our tax money, and savings... bought a blackstone grill and a tent, and here we are.We have never looked back, only forward.
Our Specialties are seasoned grilled red potatoes, our Philly cheesesteak, Monster Cow, Momma Cajun bowl,and a few Specialty Burger options. Our Shrimp, and Philly cheesesteak are definitely our most popular along with the famous homemade South Slang Sauce that comes with all potato orders! Our number one specialty is extraordinary customervservice!
We do not have a best customer story because all of our customers, and followers are amazing! The positive feedback that we consistentlybget, people driving for miles just to try our food based only on a friend's referral for them to try us. We thank you all.
Our worst customer story happened during our first week. So we had a bad review blasted on FB. I apologized and thanked them for their feedback. To my suprise the next day the out pouring of feedback from South cow fans defending us was amazing. As I investigated the profile I saw that their feed was all complaints, and the bashing of other businesses. It was sad find out that there are some people whose mission was to bring people down
But, when we were voted runner up for Bowling Green's best, Top contributor on FaceBook, The ability to continue to grow in our own unique fashion with the support of our customer base and fans. Also our south slang sauce is so good. It is for sale in locally owned retail locations across Bowling Green, and this year we'll be expanding to retail locations in the surrounding counties who have requested to carry our product. As of now you can purchase a jar of our sauce at Rian's Fatted Calf, Travellers Cellar Winery, Bluegrass Vineyards, and 3H Farms Market. These are some of our biggest accomplishments!
Our schedule varies based on events, and requests. You can view our FULL menu with our weekly Schedulewww.southcow.com. or Call 270-563-2503
Again our amazing and loyal customers are what keep us going and we thank all of you. Shout out to My wife, Laurie McKinney who has become our most valued customer service expert, and social media specialist! Her customer service is a direct testament to the growth, and ever growing number of followers! My daughter Clarissa Mckinney works full time for us, daughter Hannah Mckinney part time, and long-term friend Tyler Hendricks also part-time. Also on our bench for events Amy Dean, Joe Dean, Alan Motley, Wayne Hills!  My sons Kolton, And Weston Mckinney were instrumental in our launch, and will be a part of our slang sauce expansion team!
We are a complete entertainment package offering catering, professional DJ, or karaoke provided by Geoff's DJ services. Also we can provide ‘Live’ music from our band “Black Light Daze” featuring myself and Joe Dean. We also partner, and work with a lot of musicians and can accommodate any genre or event theme.
To book us reach out on the, South Cow Facebook page. South Cow Facebook


Thank you for supporting us,


The South Cow Team